Ever since I was a kid I've always dreamed of being in a band. I got my first band in 2010, and since then I was always used to lots of musician collaborations. I always loved the roles we have to take, one doing lead guitar, the other doing the melody, one being low note puncher and one smashing and maintaining the rhythym. <br/>
Things were going smooth until Pandemic struck and there was a global lockdown. 2 and a half years later, Music was back however, my motivation to be in a band wasn't. This is why I took leap into doing things alone. I tried collaborating with former band members, but I had a hard time getting back the same fire I had. So I took different direction and decided to do busking solo. <br/>
I had a friendly encouragement from a fellow musician named Clarissa as she was pretty popular in the local busking scene. I started to appreciate myself more and allowed myself to explore other music. <br/>
But there was only one problem. MY VOCAL RANGE WASN'T HIGH! <br/>
I never gave up as I kept researching and practicing, although my violin skills were going down, my sense of being independent in creating my own music was increasing. My loop pedal that was sitting in my closet for 3 years was used more now and I got to explore the skill of looping. It is truly a solo busker's ultimate pedal as it really helps out to give some kick in the performance. I then bought a cheap Reverb pedal called "Atmosphere" by Joyo. <br/>
One year later, I still do busking once a week and looking forward to grow with this. It is truly an enjoyable experience to showcase your talent to friendly people outside.